Reddit Bans #Pizzagate Investigation. The Corbett Report Continues It (Video)

Reddit Bans #Pizzagate Investigation. The Corbett Report Continues It Video

So reddit has banned the pizzagate subreddit…but the investigation continues. A pizzagate forum has sprung up on and awareness of the scandal is spreading on YouTube, Twitter and other social media outlets. And now The Corbett Report community can collate information on the pizzagate scandal in this new open source investigation.

one must wonder why Tony and John Podesta were staying at the home of the son or grandson of Sigmund Freud (known to be in pedo circles), in Portugal and why the McCanns were summoned for dinner to that home as a gesture of “concern?” for the grieving parents. I really hope this aspect of the Madeleine McCann story is deeply investigated. The Podestas were staying less than a mile from The McCann’s hotel and the sketches made of two men seen at the hotel at the time of her disappearance are eerily similar in looks to the Podesta Bros. Someone dig into this please!!

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