Militants Face Hard Times in Aleppo (Video)

Militants Face Hard Times in Aleppo Video

The USA needs to STOP supporting the “moderate rebels”, agree for Assad to remain in power & start focusing on just knocking out ISIS. Without supplies & support, the rebels in Syria should collapse. However, the Saudis will continue to try & support them, probably though Turkey.

Jonte Lima
believe me when I say this, there is a solution without the US but that won’t be the case. Even if trump decides to continue Obama policy of arming these terrorists, the SAA will liberate Aleppo before Christmas and that will change the whole war. All of the rebel groups will become small fractions after that and Russia will send special forces to help boost the cleanse. However, if trump decides to stop arming them then they will be exterminated quickly without the outbreak of fragments which can cause damage occasionally just like in Iraq after the invasion.

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