Fukushima: Tepco Reports 2,500 Spent Fuel Rods Lose Cooling For 90 Minutes? (Video)

Fukushima: Tepco Reports 2,500 Spent Fuel Rods Lose Cooling For 90 Minutes? Video

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TEPCO to study cooling system stoppage

Tokyo Electric Power Company says it will study whether an appropriate response was made when a cooling system at the Fukushima Daini nuclear power plant stopped briefly after Tuesday’s earthquake.

The system that cools the spent nuclear fuel pool at the No.3 reactor went down about 10 minutes after a strong quake struck off Fukushima Prefecture in the morning.

TEPCO didn’t inform all the news media of the incident until nearly 2 hours later. Utility officials said the powerful quake and tsunami warning may have caused confusion. They said they will work to ensure that they are able to take appropriate and swift actions in times of emergency.

The officials said it restarted the cooling system about one hour and 40 minutes later, and that no abnormalities have been detected.

They said they believe the pumps stopped after the agitated water in the pool activated an alert system.

Evacuation plan compiled for Genkai nuclear plant

The Japanese government and local authorities have drawn up an evacuation plan for residents around the Genkai nuclear plant in Saga Prefecture, western Japan. The plant’s operator, Kyushu Electric Power Company, is seeking to restart two of its reactors.

Under the plan, the approximately 8,100 people living within 5 kilometers of the plant will be evacuated beyond a 30-kilometer radius by bus and car in case of an accident.

Residents living on 16 remote islands within the 30-kilometer radius will be evacuated by boat. People living in affected areas of Iki Island in Nagasaki Prefecture will be evacuated to other parts of the island.

The authorities also plan to set up shelters equipped with radiation filters by the end of March 2018. These will be used in case bad weather prevents evacuation by boat.

A Cabinet Office official said the government wants to conduct evacuation drills to determine the feasibility of the plan, especially with regard to evacuating residents from isolated islands.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority effectively approved Kyushu Electric’s safety measures for the plant’s No. 3 and No. 4 reactors earlier this month.
The NRA is scheduled to finalize its decision after hearing public comments.

Genkai is the 5th commercial nuclear power plant in Japan to reach this stage.

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