Did “The Donald” Kill Prepping?

Did “The Donald” Kill Prepping?

I published an article at the website, which I’ll link to below. Since the election of Donald J. Trump, it seems that many people have lost a sense of urgency to prepare. Did the Donald’s election absolve us of our need to prep? Come ride with me in the car, and let’s chat!

This is certainly no time to stop prepping. Along with all the other world wide risks, terrorism and such, you have your every day emergencies that come and go. For me, its a lifestyle now, I cant go to a store without thinking about what I need to buy or rotate so I wont be stopping any time soon. Even with Trump winning, that does not magically stop terrorists, market crashes, economy going south, and tons of other issues. Disasters and emergencies do not care if you are a democrat or a republican :)

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