Before the election, the financial sector was sending the signal Trump would be a disaster for the economy. But Trump has won, and the market commentary has reversed. Now the financial sector thinks Trump will be a boost for the economy. The stock market is trading at all-time highs while the gold price is falling. What is going on?

Murphy says the Powers that Be are manipulating people’s perceptions in order to avoid a chain reaction in the markets, and it’s working…at least for now.

Markets don’t exist. Stop using that word and stop deluding yourself. And gold is not money. Anything these clowns think will be bullish for gold will actually be bullish for the US Dollar, and because of that, negative for paper gold. Stop listening to these idiots. Gold has no meaning in this financial system. Accept that you only trade it to get more dollars. You know that is true. And in that respect, it s a terrible trade. It will only have value when this system falls apart, and that won’t happen in your lifetime. The market shitting on you for being wrong is not fraud. It is educating you that it is not actually a market, and never will be.

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