Tucker Scolds This Spoiled Rotten Arrogant Wuss! Guy Is Overwhelmed! Tucked Wants To Slap Him Silly! (Video)

Tucker Scolds This Spoiled Rotten Arrogant Puss! Guy Is Overwhelmed! Tucked Wants To Slap Him Silly! (Video)

When I listen to people like this it makes me want to puke! Put him in the inner city for a day or send him to Mexico. He would never walk the same again! Send the president of the University with him. These people live in an alternate reality and pay $62,000/yr to be there! This country is completely polarized. The rich liberals really think that they know the truth and the average American is ignorant. The average American just took control by voting Trump! The tide is turning! It would have been nice to see Tucker bitc* slap that entitled wuss!

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Ann Conlan
Re: becoming a history teacher – that comment was chilling. This generation has been brainwashed and they don’t even know it. He sounded like a complete idiot who could not even stay on topic when addressed with a question he had no way of defending as to how his narrative even related for the need of our flag to be banned. I HATE THIS GENERATION – ship them to a socialist country – they do not deserve to be here if they can not respect our collective past and what others sacrificed to get where we are. Yes we have a LONG way to go, but trashing the past in it’s entirety is gross negligence. What a $!@#ing jerk!!!!

Mike Albert
BRATS LIKE THIS ARE A RESULT OF PARENTS NOT EDUCATING THEM WITH RESPECT BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY (legal of course) , like if u talk back you get one across the face, u come home late there is a punishment, etc etc etc , join the boy scouts, cub scouts, military, stop common core brain washing, r still a structure of respect for past, present, future, Amen

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