What These “Mysterious Deaths” Tell Us About Our Global Banking System

What These “Mysterious Deaths” Tell Us About Our Global Banking System

Editor’s note: Today, we have an eye-opening essay from Casey Report editor E.B. Tucker that delves into a serious and disturbing issue not many people are talking about. E.B. says it’s further proof that our entire financial system is corrupt and rotten to the core…

David Rossi picked a painful way to commit suicide.

On March 6, 2013, the successful 51-year-old bank executive apparently jumped backwards out of his third-story office window. He landed on his back 30 feet below in the cobblestone alley behind his office.

If this sounds suspicious to you, you’re not alone. Rossi’s wife, Antonella, believes he was murdered. She says he was killed because he “knew too much.” The facts seem to back up her claim.

A closed-circuit security camera in the cobblestone alley caught footage of Rossi’s backwards fall. The video is time- and date-stamped and the body is clearly his. What the camera catches in the minutes that follow is even more suspicious.

After he hits the ground, an object falls from the window, landing next to him. Police said it was his wristwatch, minus the band.

A few minutes later, the video shows two men walking into the alley. They are fellow bank executives. One man walks over to look at Rossi. He appears to be checking to make sure he’s dead. The other man, a high-ranking finance executive at the bank, lingers about 20 feet behind him. Neither man seems shocked, panicked, or in a hurry to call for help.

The coroner noted several odd conditions that don’t fit with suicide. Rossi had scrapes and bruises on both arms…the kind you might expect to see if two big goons grabbed him against his will and tossed him out the window.

He also had an “L-shaped” gash on his head. It was the type of wound that comes from the blunt force of an object striking the head. This is separate from any damage caused by hitting the cobblestone street below.

The facts don’t add up. We agree with Rossi’s wife and other skeptics. He did not kill himself. He was murdered. And just like Antonella said, “He knew too much.”

As director of communications, Rossi was the nerve center of the bank. He knew everything that went on, good or bad. And it was his job to handle how that information was released.

Digging back through that same information holds the clues to the likely motive. It shows that this wasn’t just a case of a few crooked bankers running a scheme to enrich themselves.

Instead, it shows that our entire financial system is rotten to the core.

All Schemes and Scams Eventually Surface

Less than two weeks before David Rossi jumped, fell, or was pushed backwards out of his office window, Italian financial police raided his home and office. What we know now is that most of his colleagues, including the guys who checked to make sure he was dead after the fall, are under indictment for various counts of financial wrongdoing.

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