Krugman’s Aliens Have Arrived – Called “Trumponomists!” – w/John Rubino (Video)

Krugman’s Aliens Have Arrived – Called “Trumponomists!” – w/John Rubino Video

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Don’t you think that governments need to encourage the emergence of local currencies and “extract” from the monetary system the most important/vital sectors of the economy like food production, energy, water, transportation to ensure that in case of a financial crisis, the worst case scenario will be avoided and people will still be able to “live”? Also, can’t we learn from the Egyptian society where debt used to be whipped clean once a new pharaoh took power? The “goods” created financed from debt would still remain, but the debt would be whipped out. The message of “making money off of the upcoming crisis” is based on the assumption that the current political framework and financial system/monetary system will “survive”. But in a worst case scenario, everything might go bust including the protection of private property/wealth by governments, or simply the end of governments themselves and a state of “martial law” where money is worthless.

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