James Wesly Rawles – Liberals Have Proven They Are Willing To Do Anything To Achieve Total Enslavement (Video)

James Wesly Rawles – Liberals Have Proven They Are Willing To Do Anything To Achieve Total Enslavement Video

Alex Jones talks with James Wesley Rawles about the mental dissorder that is modern liberalism.

We need to be self sufficient as america away from all other countries.The globalist would be helpless against us if we were. We need to work together and make this happen. Trump is aware of what they are going to do as do a few of us, thats why he is working so hard on getting the american wheel of production spinning again and so far he has 2 huge accomplishments towards it. Trump keep it coming, food productions for the whole country, energy and upgrading the grid, producing our own energy. We won’t need anyone, and the globalists will fall

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Jon Mo
Alive awake and aware, I think we have proved by most voting Trump and fucking a rigged system, that we are not as dumbed down as once believed. CNN pulled a dirty trick tonight with a “white nationalist” chanting Hail Trump, in some meeting with whites, who does that? Actors on the left? I think so. It was short to the point and it looked FAKE, Cnn. Just like how they( shared mainstream media) tried to blame white nationalist for trump and a swastika sign on a playground in Yauch memorial park NY, which was probaly some kid or teenager being dumb, yet they make believe its this group that Trump supports. My third Eye is open I hope everybody else can see this.Entertaining though in a sick way, continuously pathetic, and once again very desperate. Pathetic paid trolls keep being fake. I love Americans that want to love America, not destroy it, get out.

Daniel Campbell
Rawels is a great guest, and a good sense and assessment of what’s going on and what’s likely on the way (Ive put up a bunch of vids with same message). I agree with Alex on this one…if they need to put tanks around the white house and start mas grand juries investigating and inditing political criminals…and like I’ve said and Rawels knows…if we take those steps the banker globalists will turn over the tables…

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