Dangerous Cowards: Walking Dead Lessons #2 (Video)

Dangerous Cowards: Walking Dead Lessons #2 Video

A synopsis of episode 5 of season 7 and lessons learned that can be applied to an SHTF scenario.

John Lord
The cowards will be the weasels who will be the detriment to everybody, using all their wiles for undue gains, leading to deaths of others, for their own self-interest. Cowards should be rooted out very early, no confidential information and knowledge/control of supplies, goods, and gear. Not even good for putting them out on guard duty or scouts, as they will be the weak link, and allow in marauders. Not given controls over any guns, ammo, guard duty, food supplies, … even going out foraging (will never find anything), time waster, making others do their work, claiming weakness when they could work, …. Make them chop wood, and no cooking (they will screw the food somehow, and poison). No controls over the hospital or meds as they will become the drug abusers and pushers. They won’t be valuable for even going out and getting (contaminated) water, doing the filtration, … and if spooked will run away, leaving all the gear for others to confiscate.

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