Ultimate Prepper Rifle? C308 Rifle (Video)

Ultimate Prepper Rifle? C308 Rifle Video

Sensible Prepper Presents: Being prepared means having tools to do whatever life throws at you. Your Go To rifle is no exception. We’re looking at the Century Arms C308 Rifle as a viable option. Even if you have an AR-15 or AK-47, the capability of a longer range caliber gives you a lot of advantages.

308 is good to have for longer ranges but it doesn’t do any good if the rifle isn’t accurate and that’s been my experience with the C308

Until the rollers and trunnion go out of spec..then its an expensive single shot until you figure out whats going on. When they work they are incredible rifles. Accurate and very tame perceived recoil.. But when they start getting picky with ammo and that oil that slowly drains down the barrel when stored (into the locking lug area) again it’ll give you some grief. If ran dry they work well, when ran with the right ammo they run very well. In my experience pistons are the way to go with 308

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