Senator Jeff Sessions Actually Killed the KKK in Alabama! (Video)

Senator Jeff Sessions Actually Killed the KKK in Alabama! Video

Good evening , I’m still reporting on Trump.

Democrats have decided that the most advantageous target among those President-Elect Donald Trump has tapped for his cabinet is Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

Sessions made one – yes just one – racially insensitive remark over his 30 year career, and so Democrats are jumping all over him and will pound him during his confirmation hearings for this nation’s top law-enforcement officer, the Attorney General.

As though the Dems have anything to talk about. The United States has just suffered through THE most lawless administration in the history of this nation – and – has done everything to protect an even more lawless former Secretary of State in the form of Hillary Clinton.

However, Senator Sessions will have to endure a bruising confirmation hearing process in any case. But Newt Gingrich has several good counter points that are indisputable – and will make good bullet points for every American who has to argue with their more hypocritical friends on this issue:

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

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