Joe Biliello
Greg, I’m getting antsy sitting on my Gold & Silver, sometimes I think about just selling it and buying an RV and going on a road trip, or a Testarossa and playing Tony Montana for a while?……what should I do? How long will I have to sit on this stuff before I can enjoy a little of life before I croak? I’ve stocked up to such a degree that I have to draft a will to make sure what I have will be properly distributed if I die, I often think about liquidating it all and just enjoying myself.

Philip Ranjan
Greg, if the paper gold versus physical gold is in the ratio of 92:1 then paper gold can easily suppress the rise in gold price by simply dumping a huge amount of paper gold. Considering this, is it really possible anytime in future for a physical gold owner to make money anytime in their lifetime?

We the People have nothing to do with this GLOBAL DEBT, We are the Priority Creditors, We the people are the VALUE! SO THIS GLOBAL DEBT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THOSE SPENDING THIS DEBT NOTE, NOT WE THE PEOPLE! 

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