Fracking, GMOs, vaccines and President Trump: How Natural News plans to advocate for natural medicine, clean food and a clean environment during the Trump administration

Fracking, GMOs, vaccines and President Trump: How Natural News plans to advocate for natural medicine, clean food and a clean environment during the Trump administration

You may not know it yet, but in electing Donald Trump our next President, we all dodged a huge bullet. Hillary Clinton is a seething, evil criminal who despises the independent media. Had she attained the presidency, she would have shut down Natural News and imprisoned all the leaders of the alternative media, and she very likely would have thrust America into a nuclear war with Russia.

So we’re already way, way ahead with Trump in the White House, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to get everything we want from his presidency, obviously. All of us at Natural News want to live in a world where GMOs are labeled, where fracking with toxic chemicals that leach into the water supply is banned, where FDA corruption is eliminated and where natural medicine is decriminalized. We want to halt the practice of using toxic adjuvants in vaccines, and we want Big Pharma’s monopoly over medicine to be ended so that natural medicine — which is safer, more effective and more affordable than chemical medicine — can be set free.

I want you all to know that I’m going to advocate for all these and more using every bit of influence I might have with the Trump administration. But we have to begin all this with the understanding the President Trump has far more important priorities to deal with first.

Trump’s correct priorities are to first stop the hemorrhaging and build a wall

Realistically, President Trump must first build a wall. We have to stop the illegal immigration first, or we’ll lose our nation and never have a shot at getting it back. The Obama regime planned to literally overrun and occupy the nation with illegals who vote democrat. This was a “human blitzkrieg” assault, and it very nearly worked.

Secondly, Trump must repeal Obamacare very quickly, for the sake of all our small businesses and employees. Obamacare is absolutely destroying our nation, causing outrageous job losses and layoffs while putting many small businesses at a severe economic disadvantage compared to overseas operations. Small businesses in America simply cannot survive with Obamacare hanging over our heads like an economic dirty bomb. We MUST repeal Obamacare as quickly as possible or we’re all sunk.

Thirdly, Trump must lower the corporate tax rate to 15% so that U.S. companies can invest their earnings in expansions. Did you know that the current U.S. corporate tax rate is about DOUBLE the corporate rate everywhere else in the world? U.S. businesses are being punished by the IRS to the point where it’s virtually impossible to maintain cash flow while expanding. This impedes job growth and infrastructure investments (new buildings, new equipment, etc.) If Trump can successfully lower the corporate tax rate to 15%, we all benefit tremendously with more jobs, more growth and more rapid expansion of entrepreneurial opportunities.

And then, once those big three items are done, Trump needs to fix the VA hospital system to help our veterans. He has to work to pass term limits in Congress (which will be nearly impossible to pass, by the way). He has to undo all the insane Obama executive orders and regulations, all while empowering police nationwide with the tools they need to stop the violent rioters on the left.

This is all going to take time. I figure the first two years of the Trump administration will be needed just to accomplish these basics that stop the hemorrhaging of our nation. It’s only after 2019 that he’s going to have any real bandwidth to start looking at the things like the FDA, CDC and USDA.

Trump is one man fighting against a deeply embedded bureaucracy of idiots

Remember: President Trump must fight a massive government bureaucracy of elected officials who run all the regulators. Those regulators, in turn, are all controlled by Monsanto, DuPont, PepsiCo and all the other corporate giants. Cleaning them up is going to take years of dedicated effort, and it may not succeed at all.

During this time, Natural News is going to be educating the Trump administration on a regular basis about the importance of GMO labeling, the toxicity of glyphosate herbicide, the benefits of organic agriculture, the need to eliminate toxic chemicals in vaccines (and even stop vaccination children at such a young age with so many vaccines all at once) and many other topics. I’m not going to be screaming, whining and demanding things from Trump on all this, by the way. Those tactics of the crybully left are pathetic and childish. Instead, I hope to influence the Trump administration through solid science which will, of course, be spearheaded at my private laboratory

This is going to be a multi-year, ongoing effort, and ANY victory on any of these topics is going to take a lot of time and dedication. Donald Trump is a very intelligent man, but his expertise is in real estate and business deals. He may not yet know what he needs to know about GMOs, glyphosate, Big Pharma’s toxic medications, the dangers of fracking and so on. So our job is to educate, inform and awaken the Trump administration to these truths as much as possible.

By the way, fracking is a difficult subject because on principle, I do agree that America needs to achieve energy independence for strategic reasons. Yet we have to avoid contaminating water aquifers or Native American lands with fracking chemical or petroleum pipelines. This is a complex, polarizing topic, but somehow we have to find a balance between environmental protection and energy independence. All the while, I strongly support government funded research into real, practical clean energy breakthroughs such as improved battery storage technology.

But the really, really big picture explains why it’s all coming to an end anyway

I don’t know how to say this with sufficient impact, but the American empire is nearly over anyway. The total collapse of the fiat currency Dollar is rapidly approaching. The $20 trillion in national debt that Obama will be handing over to Trump cannot be paid off for the simple reason that all money the U.S. Treasury needs to pay off the debt is created as debt from the Fed in the first place.

Mathematically, you can never pay off the debt when the money you’re using to pay the debt is created with new debt, you see. The financial end of America is inevitable, and it doesn’t matter who’s in the White House. As much as I am overjoyed by the fact that we’ve defeated Hillary Clinton, it’s no exaggeration to say that Donald Trump has inherited a failed state on the verge of collapse. He may, in fact, be America’s last President. I’ve already publicly predicted a global debt collapse being triggered to blame Trump. See my mini-documentary entitled “Blaming Donald Trump” here:


The corrupt federal bureaucracy never gets reformed… it collapses into obsolescence

Ultimately, my belief is that the FDA never gets reformed. The USDA never gets cleaned out. The corrupt bureaucracy in Washington never gets righted. Instead, what happens is that the whole system implodes all at once, and the federal government collapses much like the former USSR government did.

Ultimately, my very strong belief is that we will end up with a balkanized America, with several regions breaking off into their own nation states. California, Oregon and Washington can become a new state called “Calizuela,” which will of course be overrun with illegal immigrants that bankrupt the new state. (Rural Washington, rural Oregon and rural Idaho, however, will form their own new Republic rooted in liberty.)

Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and other nearby states will form the new Republic of Texas, which will be the economic powerhouse (and energy powerhouse) of the new system, and you’ll see the Great Plains states forming their own new nation as well.

The East Coast states, led by New York, will split off into their own regional entity which I will call “Socialist York” just for fun. The point is that America as we know it today will not survive much longer. This means that even Donald Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominees are largely irrelevant, because SCOTUS won’t have any real power after the breakup of America.

You see, the real mistake is thinking that society in the future will mirror the same structure as society today. It won’t. America has nearly reached the end of its run, which tends to be about 10 generations (250 years) for nations. They all go through the same, predictable phases, including pioneers, trade, manufacturing, then decadence, arrogance and the decline of the culture. Following that, you get collapse and then a rebirth of something new.

America is almost at the collapse stage. It may very well collapse before Trump is out of office, almost regardless of how good he is as a President. One man alone cannot undo decades of complete financial idiocy that have characterized America’s path toward collapse.

In the big picture then, none of this modern nonsense really matters. It’s over for America anyway. The financial collapse that’s coming will render all of today’s news irrelevant. Very few people can see this coming because they all suffer from “normalcy bias.”

Three films you must watch if you hope to understand what’s coming

If you hope to be informed, you need to watch and absorb these three important financial films:

1) The Big Short – The best film of all time, in my opinion. An absolute must-see film for every informed citizen. I’ve watched it three times and it just keeps getting better. As you watch this film, remember that the events depicted in the film are already repeating! (And the crash is going to be much bigger the next time.)

2) BOOM BUST BOOM – An amazing film with fantastic animations. It really teaches you why “stability breeds instability” and why all “good times” lead to collapse. (“Minskyism”) An absolutely must-see film. It’s on Amazon Prime, I think. For a quick primer on Hyman Minsky, read The 5 steps of a bubble.

3) Four Horsemen – Another solid documentary you must watch. Here’s the trailer, below, followed by the full film:


by Mike Adams

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