Watch this and Know Something is Going Down!

Watch this and Know Something is Going Down!

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godless 789
The White Raja we will self destruct anyway. you think that people control the technology? they don’t. we ve been out of control for a long time now. nobody will stop the progress in constructing the AI because there is too much profit and humans are controlled by money.

we have created a financial system which have taken control over our lives. the economy controls the world. not the people.

Terry Habzz
Just watch your politicians in charge and if they all start disappearing from an area look out. They are going to try another 9-11 only larger and my bet would be before Obama leaves. The Muslims didn’t do 9-11 and they won’t be involved in this one either. This corrupt government is capable of anything. Russia just happens to be their choice to demonize this time around.

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