Rogue Money Report with Gus Demos (Video)

Rogue Money Report with Gus Demos (Video)

Gus Demos from Perpetual Assets sits down with “V” the Guerrilla Economist on Rogue Money Radio.

Enoch Sosh
Did anyone notice Yellen’s comments to Congress. She said Trump’s infrastructure spending plan of $500 billion + would stoke inflation and cause debt concerns. LOL. Is she serious! Has she been asleep at the wheel for the last 8 years as the stupid asshole (I mean Obama) has racked up $9 trillion in debt? And has spent $294 billion in the last 2 months alone. Can she be anymore bias. Trump is ABSOLUTELY right, the Federal Reserve IS POLITICAL. I hope Americans are starting to see that the Fed is a political committee, mainly made up of liberal leftists.

Paula Tuttle
My husband & I have a gold-silver account with Perpetual Assets and ATM card. It’s a really great service, and if you call them with questions either Gus or Will personally takes the call! I first heard about them from David Morgan, an analyst we trust, so I looked into Perpetual. We’re also anarcho-capitalists, Jim Willie, SGT, Miles Franklin fans (etc), and Will & Gus have been guests of these people and have these guests on their show. So having an account with them is awesome! We have physical metals in our possession too, but having a gold-silver account with ATM card is just another tier to get access to money…covering all the bases. Thanks for having Gus Demos on V!! You’re all a breath of financial and political fresh air!

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