Putin vows to ‘choke’ NATO in WWIII

Putin vows to ‘choke’ NATO in WWIII

How close is too close for NATO to spread Eastwards, and how far will they test the boundaries? Talks of Ukraine joining the military alliance were on the agenda the 2000s, but ceased after Russia’s swift response to the Georgian aggression in Tskhinvali in 2008. Currently, the Ukraine is unable to join NATO due to internal conflict – the absence of which is a prerequisite for new members.

It would seem then that stopping the US-initiated war in Eastern Ukraine would be beneficial to US interests – or, are they fully aware, that this most certainly will not be allowed to happen as a direct threat to Russia’s security?

Red Falcon
I love the ‘suddenly pacifist’ Americans in the comments. America has been “at war” (read: invading poor 3rd world pushovers) for 93% of its entire existence thanks to your Jewish warmongering masters. With Trump and the rise of European nationalism maybe that will change. But that is also thanks to Russia and their resolve in being the last bulwark of nationalism, inspiring many countries to drop globalism and re-think their goals.

Russia deserves a ton of credit for being exemplar even under globalist pressure. I am Italian and I hope we’ll restore our alliance to its former glory. Most Italians have great respect for you, and thankful for being a great ally to us in the past.

Sorsha Cat
I like Putin, and I like Trump. From my perspective, they both seem like strong men with integrity. I think of the movie Gladiator. Only a few men in the world are like that. Strength, honor, fortitude, and disciplined leaders. Yes, they probably bulldoze over rivals, but they do what is ethical. I hope that Russia and the USA will become strong allies and rid the world of Islamic Extremists and perverted elitists.

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