Popular Mobilization Units Complete Encirclement of Mosul (Video)

Popular Mobilization Units Complete Encirclement of Mosul Video

Following the liberation of Tal Afar Airbase, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have launched an operation to liberate the key town of Tal Afar from the ISIS terrorist group. With the liberation of Tal Afar, ISIS terrorists will be completely cut off from all aid, support and reinforcement from its allies in Syria.

SouthFront is releasing documentary footage from this operation with help from the Popular Mobilization units Media Team

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Life and Lemons
They basically cut off the highway linking Mosul to Syria by the end of the operation. Nice to see them joking about random things in the middle of the bombs and explosions and that suicide car explosion at 17:50 was huge! Keep up the high spirit PMU heros! ISIS can’t go into Syria now… let’s see how Turkey reacts to this fact!

achmad mubharak
this shit happens in middle east because obama administrations, i was saw this before in europe, Yugoslavia, was completely fall apart because clinton administrations…

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