OBAMA Vows To Destroy “Alternative Media” Before Leaving Office

OBAMA Vows To Destroy “Alternative Media” Before Leaving Office

by Pamela Williams

I am not surprised to read that Obama has basically declared war on Alternative Media, calling it “fake news”. We all know there are some fake news websites, but most of us do not gravitate to nor quote those sites. I try to have several trusted sources, and I try to add a video when I can. The whole problem for Obama and the liberals is that Alternative Media helped Trump to win the Presidency. We were able to “talk” to Trump on social media, and he made fast friends with us.

For the first time in history, the Internet played a vital role in electing the President of the United States. Alternative websites reported the truth about Donald Trump, while being fair and balanced. At the same time, the truth about Hillary Clinton was also reported. Alternative media could not help what that truth was, as we learned that Hillary Clinton had mainstream media in her pocket. While MSM did not give Trump a fair chance, they provided Hillary Clinton with debate questions beforehand. We know now the Presidential Debates were rigged for Hillary Clinton!

While Hillary lied to the American people MSM protected her. Then in walked WIKILEAKS and Julian Assange. The American people had a direct line to the inner workings of the Clinton Camp, and what we saw were lies upon lies. Criminalities were revealed that chilled us to the bone, and we were certain Donald Trump was the only chance we had if we wanted to save our Country. Thus, Alternative Media worked diligently to report the facts that MSM chose to hide, because they actually worked for Hillary Clinton behind closed doors.

So it is no wonder Obama wants to destroy all those online sites that exposed him, Clinton, and his Administration to the world. Julian Assange of WIKILEAKS opened up a coffin full of communications between Hillary Clinton, Obama, and her associates that literally should be prosecuted. Obama lied to the American people about his communications on an unsecure email server in Clinton’s home. They both knew classified information was passing through unsecure servers, but they thought nothing of exposing our Nation’s secrets. This proved incompetence and criminality, and the American people would have none of it. We had enough of lies and deceit to last us a lifetime, and we wholeheartedly chose Donald Trump as our President.

So you see, Obama, you and Hillary only have yourselves to blame for the loss of the Democratic party to the Republican party! The only thing Alternative Media did was to report true facts that you wanted to keep secret. As they say, you never know what goes on behind closed doors until those doors are wide open for the world to see. In this election, those doors flew open thanks to the Internet and WIKILEAKS. We cannot lose our Freedom of Speech, so this is another fight that just landed at the door of the American people. We must continue to move forward with the truth as our guide and God at our side. Continue to fire up the Internet with wise and well thought out reports that enlighten and serve mankind.

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