What You Need To Look Out For With President Donald Trump (Video)

What You Need To Look Out For With President Donald Trump Video

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about President Elect Donald Trump and what drove him to power. As Trump is picking his cabinet and advirors we are already seeing major geo politiical shifts all around the world before his inguaration. But there are some issues of concerns that are brought up in this video that is important.

Vincent Clark
I agree with holding him accountable, but it outdated to say he has lobbyist because they have been kicked out and there is a clause saying you can’t be a lobbyist for 5 years.

I believe Trump and Putin have already made an agreement.
I think that the bankrupt US will be bought out by a consortium of countries such as Russia, China, Iran and India to name a few. US debt is calculated at around 300 trillion and this debt would be bought by this consortium and then the US debt restructured. This means no collapse. However, the Fed Res of Jews that owns the US would be cut out. I wonder if that’s why Trump is picking certain Jews? Which ones are pro US and which ones are pro Rothschild (Britain)? Know thine enemy …

Pindo Scum5
The biggest threat during a Trump presidency will be a forced economic collapse to oust him. When you see foreign investors pumping American dollars back into our economy, and a huge economic boom starts because of it; get ready for a complete apocalyptic financial collapse. These foreign investors will be sending dollars back to the USA to buy up as much real estate as possible to get rid of their dollars because they’ve been tipped off that the dollar will be worthless soon.

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