Hillary Clinton Cannot Steal the Election From Trump! (Video)

Hillary Clinton Cannot Steal the Election From Trump! Video

Fear and trembling still runs rampant throughout Trump supporters – fanned by the MSM – that Hillary Clinton still has any chance of stealing this election back from Donald Trump.

The reason for the fear is the tsunami of coercive hate mail that Electoral College members are reporting from in states Trump has won, designed to get enough electors to switch their vote from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton in order to change the obvious results.

The Electoral College voting takes place on Dec. 19 – when electors assemble in their respective state capitals.

Michael Banerian, 22, of Oakland County, Michigan, is one of Michigan’s 16 official electors who will meet in the state capital of Lansing on that day. He is the Youth Chairman for the Michigan Republican party.

He recently told the Detroit News that he has received threatening emails – lots of them – from people trying to coerce him to switch his vote from Trump to Clinton.

He explained that in the Michigan system, even if he did switch his vote for Clinton, it wouldn’t matter:

Of the 57 previous presidential elections in US history, only 22 meetings of the Electoral college have seen a single faithless elector.

Only 179 electors have been faithless in voting for the candidate they were pledged to vote for totally in all of our 57 presidential elections.

However, of those, 71 changed their votes because the candidate to whom they were pledged died between the election and the meeting of the Electoral College. Another 23 in the 1836 election abstained from voting for Vice-President as a block.

That leaves only 84 times where an elector changed their mind. So, a truly faithless elector is very rare.

However, the death threats are today rampant across the states Donald Trump won.

I won’t go through the lengthy list of threats the electors have faced since the election, just suffice it to say that it has been unprecedented in both the number, and fury, as the forces of leftist globalist idealism, anarchic communism, and radical Islamic terror have all been slapped with a surprise defeat in a single stroke by an indomitable, long-shot candidate, Donald J. Trump.

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