Donald Trump and the Humiliation of the MSM ‘Experts’

Donald Trump and the Humiliation of the MSM ‘Experts’

Former MP George Galloway, had predicted a Trump win as far back as May 2016, as he had correctly predicted a “Leave” vote in the UK’s EU referendum. But the “experts” in the US and UK mainstream media (MSM) – incidentally, often the same “experts” who told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in 2003 – knew better than our George.

Galloway summed it up perfectly in one tweet, as it became clear that Donald J. Trump, against all the odds, was to become the 45th President of the United States of America:

There was no way the unspeakably awful Donald Trump would prevail, the MSM assured us. A victory for the quite wonderful Hillary Clinton was a slam dunk. After all, everyone in our circle is going to vote for her!

Bill Kristol, the editor of the neocon Weekly Standard and a regular pundit on US television, scoffed at the idea that Trump would even win a single caucus or primary.

“Here’s why Donald Trump won’t win the Republican nomination” was the title of one piece in August 2015.

Tom McCarthy said that while “knowledgeable people” thought Trump might get the nomination, “more knowledgeable people thought he wouldn’t.” And probably, by this logic, “the least knowledgeable people” of all thought Trump would not only win the nomination, but the White House as well. But we never heard from them. Except on channels like RT, whose “obscure pundits” — to coin a phrase of a particularly poisonous stalker, again outdid the “experts” we see regularly on elite-friendly programs like BBC’s Newsnight.

Then there’s the pollsters.

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