Russia hands US its Hat – Response to John Kirby (Video)

Russia hands US its Hat – Response to John Kirby Video

While US State Department dodging questions into its allegations is nothing new, the spokesperson John Kirby has recently gone the extra mile. Kirby stated that he would not be treating RT as an equal media organisation, to the likes of western mainstream media. Referring to the fact that Russia Today is “state sponsored” media, this apparently obliterates his responsibility to provide evidence into allegations of “Russian bombing of hospitals in Syria.” Part of RT funding does come from the government, however this is publicly listed information and not a secret as is often “exposed”. Who would you rather listen to – state media that is indeed supported by the government that you elected, or corporate interests of the 1%? Furthermore, the Russian Ministry of Defence provides weekly briefings of its own, so Kirby’s suggestion to “ask your own government” only highlights his seeming obliviousness to pretty much everything.

Kirby conveniently “doesn’t know” that “respectable” CNN or BBC journalists actively distort the truth to the outlets, while working in Russia. I thought Jennifer Psaaki would be hard to beat, but then this guy happened….

Maria Zakharova holds the equivalent position in Russia as John Kirby does in the US and I think it is fair to say she takes the cake.

caleb waterson
I personally would like to apologize to Russia Today and Russia as well for the inappropriate comments made by this foul mannered little man. He does not represent us Americans. He was ill tempered and disrespectful to the reporter. I would like to suggest that President-elect Trump is nothing like President Obama and his puppets. We hate this guy too. Just look at his face and his inability to answer the question.

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