The Latest Psychological Operation Of Fake News (Video)

The Latest Psychological Operation Of Fake News Video

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about Twitter’s latest purge while Facebook and Google will start to target “fake news.” As we know from operation mockingbird and countless numbers of whistlebowers that the main stream media is controlled by the establishment so would it surprise if the same was happing with these social media giants.

If people STOP watching ALL the Fake MSM They would go Out of Business! how cool would that be

reply to Ron0963 – sounds good but not true .. The problem is we are the product not the consumer . The consumer is all those that advertise on MSM has long as they THINK eyes are watching they will buy the advertising . Since the MSM fakes everything from polls to on scene reporting it would take little to nothing to fake viewership numbers

In order to shut down the MSM you have to boycott the advertisers not only that you have to let the advertisers know WHY their sales have tanked ..

Bacon Crusader
the left have been thinking about this for a while, they came up with fake news, i think the the only way is to rebrand slightly, or simply have a symbol for your news channel, no name but a symbol everyone recognises except the censoring.
either way there are ways of destroying the media too.

if offensive speech is not allowed, there is no free speech.
The fake propaganda news calling right wig propaganda has fake news.
The world is insane.

We ARE the PRESS of the WORLD and AMERICA ! Deal with It FAKE NEWS MEDIA Networks of LIEs and Pre Payed Propaganda Mouthpieces.

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"News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising." - Lord Northcliffe