Italy’s Government on Verge of collapse: Next Trumpian Domino to Fall?

Italy’s Government on Verge of collapse: Next Trumpian Domino to Fall?

Italy’s government is on the verge of collapse. Prime minister Matteo Renzi reiterated his position just yesterday, he will not hang on if a referendum he seeks does not pass.

Polls show the referendum will fail. Then again, polls have not been remarkably accurate recently, to say the least. On the other hand, this poll shows a strong preference to what is labeled “populism”.

Finally, there is always a chance Renzi will not resign and he is only attempting to manipulate the vote. Let’s sort this all out.

Let It All Hang Out


Renzi Rules Out Leading Technocratic Government After Referendum

Please consider Renzi Rules Out Leading Technocratic Government After Referendum.

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi has ruled out leading a caretaker government if he is defeated in a key constitutional referendum next month, removing some of the uncertainty surrounding his political future after the vote.

Mr Renzi had said early in the campaign that he would resign if he lost but has faced pressure from some lawmakers in his Democratic Party to stay on regardless of the outcome on December 4.

In a radio interview with Rtl 102.5 on Thursday, he decisively rejected the notion.

“If the citizens vote no and want a decrepit system that does not work, I will not be the one to deal with other parties for a caretaker government – a little government, ” Mr Renzi

Italy Polls Get Worse for Renzi as Referendum Nears

Reuters reports Italy Polls Get Worse for Renzi as Referendum Nears.

Opinion polls are making increasingly grim reading for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi less than three weeks ahead of a referendum on constitutional reform on which he has staked his political future.

Of 32 polls published by 11 different pollsters since Oct. 21, every one has the ‘No’ camp ahead, and generally by a widening margin.

In three polls published on Monday the lead for ‘No’ ranged from five points, according to IPR Marketing, to seven points, according to Tecne, with EMG Acqua in the middle at 6 points.

These results exclude undecided voters, which are estimated at 25.9 percent by EMG Acqua and 16.5 percent by Tecne. The most worrying aspect for Renzi is that as the number of undecided voters declines, the lead for ‘No’ appears to be rising.

Bookmakers also hold out little hope for the 41-year-old premier, with Ladbrokes estimating a roughly 75 percent probability of a win for ‘No.’

However, most pollsters continue to say the outcome of the Dec. 4. ballot remains uncertain.

They point out that opinion polls already proved notoriously wrong in the June referendum in which Britons chose to leave the European Union and most recently when Americans elected republican Donald Trump to the presidency on Nov. 8.

Blowout Against Renzi?

Politico reports Matteo Renzi to Lose Constitutional Referendum: Polls.

All polls by some of Italy’s biggest media outlets, held just before the pre-vote ban on publishing voter’s intentions, suggest that Italians are likely to reject Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s plan to limit powers of the Senate.

According to a poll conducted by Corriere della Sera newspaper, 55 percent of the people plan to vote ‘No’ and 45 percent ‘Yes’ to changes. The survey also suggested that around a third of the population is familiar with the content of the reform.

What’s It All About?

After all this time and electioneering by Matteo Renzi in Italy, and only a third of voters know what the referendum is about?!

Political populism: Is Italy next?


A rejection of Renzi’s reform plans in a referendum risks toppling the government says the Financial Times in Political populism: Is Italy next?

If the Italian prime minister loses a high-stakes referendum on his flagship constitutional reform set for December 4, it could bring his tenure in office — and his entire political project — to an abrupt and premature end.

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