Why The Battle for Aleppo Is So Long and So Important (Video)

Why The Battle for Aleppo Is So Long and So Important Video

Pavel Pustina
1 ] It is the proxy war.
2] Russia still has to fight again western propaganda.
3] Boot on the ground could increase the loss of Russian soldiers.
4] SAA have to win with their hands to raise Syrian army spirit, Syrian sovereignty and harvest battle experience.

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If the European Union breaks apart, and it looks like it may, the Euro currency (the second most used currency in the world) will vanish. Neocons, CIA and the “deep state” in the U.S.. NATO in Europe. Who else is being aggressive in our world towards other nations? Who else is continually poking Russia and China to provoke a war? The endless ponzi schemes like QE, ZIRP and the US dollar itself. The world reserve currency is the US dollar and this has allowed the US Treasury, in conjunction with the Federal Reserve, to export our inflation to other countries around the world. Now is the time to either redouble your prepping efforts or make a serious dedication to getting your preps in order. Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, South China Sea and these are the just the ongoing military wars.

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