Audio Interview Stephen Leeb – For Those Who Are Worried About The Plunge In The Gold & Silver Markets…

Audio Interview Stephen Leeb – For Those Who Are Worried About The Plunge In The Gold & Silver Markets…

Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Leeb Capital Management

Dr. Stephen Leeb is a recognized authority on the stock market, macroeconomic trends and commodities, especially oil and precious metals.

As Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Leeb Capital Management, a registered investment advisor, Dr. Leeb has been managing big cap growth portfolios since 1999. Over the last decade, his independently-verified performance record has been ranked in the top 5 percent among peers according to Informa’s PSN manager database.

Dr. Leeb is also founder of the Leeb Group, which publishes a line of financial newsletters including The Complete Investor, Leeb’s Income Performance Letter, Leeb’s Real World Investing e-letter, and Leeb’s Aggressive Trader, Leeb’s Million Dollar Portfolio and Leeb’s ETF World Alert e-letter. His total readership exceeds 250,000. TheComplete Investor newsletter has earned two awards for Editorial Excellence.

Dr. Leeb sits on various boards sharing his strategic perspectives on financial markets and natural resources. Since 2008, Dr. Leeb has been a Director of Plain Sight Systems, a technology holding company centered at Yale University. Plain Sight owns a world-class patent portfolio in areas such as information organization/search, computational analytics, electro-optics, and spectroscopy. These technologies are licensed to Fortune 500 companies and used as part of private buyouts and venture spin-offs.

As part of Plain Sight, Dr. Leeb also sits on the board of Water Intelligence plc, due to be

listed in June 2010 on AIM (London), operating in the water management space and Deep Markets Corporation, a division of Plain Sight developing next generation risk management applications.

Dr. Leeb is also Head of the Advisory Board of Leor Exploration & Production LLC (since 2006 – present) and a member of the advisory boards of Electrum USA Ltd. (since 2007) and Los Gatos. Each of these companies explore for natural resources, especially precious metals and energy.

Dr. Leeb is the author of seven books on investments and financial trends. His latest book, Game Over: How You Can Prosper in a Shattered Economy (Business Plus, 2009) predicts a permanent peak in global commodity production.


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