WAR ON CASH, Strong Dollar, Peak Gold (Video)

WAR ON CASH, Strong Dollar, Peak Gold Video

Pertinent Paradigm
Aaron Russo called it, cashless means something they can turn off to make you suffer for being dissonant. It’s a global conspiracy, no tinfoil or theory required for those capable of independent thinking.

Juiceboxx TM
Its the PPT and the ESF at full work here. The gold cartel dumped 8000 tons of paper gold after the election in 3 days thats impossible. Thats 3.5 years of global production and more gold then the US has. It screams desperation. Imho the globalist are going dump a major correction on Trumps lap then blame him which is ludicrous. So obvious.

Fiddle Neck
Look at the charts for the dollar against a gallon of milk, a loaf of bred, a gallon of gas, any essential item in life…. It has never had more than a 5 year increase in purchasing power since 1919. It is all down down down in purchasing power. I WONT TOUCH IT $$$$$$

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