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TEXAS LAWMAKERS— by Charles Savoie



Presented November 2016 by Charles Savoie

A Reference Handbook for Public Action For the Texas Bullion Depository
& Other State Depositories

—President James Madison (1809-1817)

Idaho Senator William Borah, known as “The Great Opposer” (New York Times, April 29, 1933, page 4)

Texas! Cheated by funny money for years & years! Sickeningly coming at her like English cavaliers; Meddling demands by New York financiers!

“Where An Excess of Power Prevails Property of No Sort

Is Duly Respected”

Do you want to give your gold to racketeers?

“The Ecstasy of Gold” fantastic instrumental!

In regard to Texas owned gold in New York, specifically it’s owned/managed by UTIMCO, the University of Texas Investment Management Company, whose board has stated the gold doesn’t have to be moved to Texas, but in any case, they insist that the gold remain part of the COMEX system! The Governor and the Legislature must oust any UTIMCO board members demanding the gold remain linked to COMEX! There are dancing, radioactive skeletons in this closet!

Section 2116.022 of the bill prohibits leasing, swaps, derivatives et al, and as the COMEX is heavy into all that chicanery, UTIMCO management has set itself at insolent defiance against the Legislature and the Governor! We will detail this as we progress. The wrong hands must be slapped away from the sluice box, so to speak, especially when a glory

hole is at stake. With the arrival of the Texas Bullion Depository, the scene should become ripe for the widespread use of gold clause contracts, a subject ignored in economics texts penned by fiat currency clods (think “American Economic Association” members). Gold clause contracts were a way to sidestep being repaid in worthless currency as took place with the Continental currency of the late 1700s— creditors even ran away from their debtors to avoid receiving worthless, if legal, payment—

If the Texas State Legislature, which overwhelmingly passed the Bullion Depository Act, really cared about setting monetary matters right in this country, they’d pass a resolution and issue a public communiqué condemning in strongest possible terms the concentrated COMEX gold and silver shorts. At least they should do this after the gold is in the Depository vaults. However; if the ingots aren’t recovered, all hell should break loose with a loud boom! Texas should seize all buildings and property in Texas owned by the megabanks short precious metals. The COMEX shorts are denying Texans their true net worth who are invested in gold, silver—and the market capitalizations of mining concerns which produce these metals are also withered, additionally cheating Texas based shareholders of their actual net worth!

Gold was hammered down recently, apparently due to actions of Stanley Druckenmiller selling gold. Warren Buffet did the same with silver years ago. Despite the wealth of men such as these, they are hardly inner circle of the Money Power (“Pilgrims Society”—we will develop this as we progress). In 1988 Druckenmiller married Fiona Biggs in an Episcopalian (what else) ceremony. She was the niece of investor Barton Biggs, a partner in the silver price suppressing Morgan Stanley investment bank. Biggs brother Jeremy (another Episcopalian—what else) was in The Pilgrims leaked 1980

roster and that detail wasn’t included in Jeremy’s obituary. This group connects us to England and the Anglican Church, called “Episcopalian” here. Rank and file aren’t involved!

One of the groups responding to this research on a pre-release basis is Grass Roots America We the People PAC. I am grateful to sources including Silver Investor, Daily Coin, Silver Market News Online, SGT Report and others for assisting in coverage of this public interest documentary. We are covering a major move towards decentralization of power and resistance against cartel control over money! At Wealth Daily site the obvious was stated—

“This legislation, especially coming from a big state like Texas, has to scare the Federal government and the central bankers at the Federal Reserve.”

The Texas Tribune, October 30, 2015, noted—

“Toronto-based Gold Money went so far as to argue in its proposal that Texas “develop a legal strategy to defend its constitutional monetary rights and obligations.”

For those lacking endurance to be better informed by reading a more thorough presentation like this, you can read the shorter summary released in October. No one becomes highly informed by any teaspoon presentation; the reservoir of information is here! I am providing a handbook of info on this matter—a panorama of fascinating details— and hope people will use it to influence the State in better directions, and other States.

President Trump must be notified by all mining share investors

that if he intends to build a border wall and make Mexico pay

for it, he must additionally place Mexico on notice to not

retaliate by seizing foreign owned mineral sites, nor increase

royalties, state or federal, nor ban export of concentrates,

dore, or refined metals.

America has been a stress release valve for Mexico for decades of easy immigration; Mexico

owes us much for this.

The Chicago Tribune, November 8, 2005, quoted Trump declaring, “If someone screws you, screw them back 15 times over!”

If we can get past an unpleasant surprise on December 19 when the Electoral College meets to either confirm Trump as President or bolt to Clinton—we shall see. There can be no doubt that Clinton would bode catastrophically for those holding precious metals. If the Electoral College system from 1787 is to be done away with, it must not be in conjunction with an election. Trump has promised term limits for Congress—however, he didn’t propose this to affect those just re-elected! Concerned parties should message the Trump White House and their national and state legislators that Trump must by no means ever repeat the criminal actions of Franklin Roosevelt in expropriating gold (Executive Order 6102) silver (Executive Order 6814) from the public. Trump has said he likes the gold standard; we shall see. Yes! Chelsea Clinton will run for President! N.Y. Times, August 10, 1934—

In this backdrop of events surrounding the Texas Bullion Depository we have numerous rat’s rumps on the banana split, so to speak. For one, there is the Western Currency Plant in Tarrant County (Fort Worth) operated by the Bureau of Engraving & Printing. This secured building of 750,000 square feet has 600 employees printing $164.7 billion in Federal Reserve Notes (fiscal year 2016). A You Tube video I planned to link suddenly went down, which hilariously showed a junior high school teacher and students touring this plant turning to tell them, “This is where our nation’s—wealth comes from!” The Texas Almanac misguidedly calls it “the money factory.” What passes for money on pallets is moved by forklifts; meantime elsewhere in mining regions, actual money—gold and silver—is spoken of by media and most of government as mere metallic commodity for industry and jewelry. How can people grasp that unbacked paper is

valueless? I prefer the analogy of car titles without vehicles to correspond to the titles—

Paper currencies losing value like crazy! More printing press money isn’t the key; Gold & silver realities aren’t hazy, Let Yellen become a detainee! Dump her FRN’s in South China Sea!

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