The Shadow Government Is Pushing Trump To Keep Russia As An Enemy (Video)

The Shadow Government Is Pushing Trump To Keep Russia As An Enemy

Trump is banning lobyist for 5 years. Dark tower in NYC revealed as a NSA spy station. Iphone’s send call logs to the icloud if enabled. James Clapper resigns his post as head of the NSA. If the UK leaves the EU they will be subject to a travel tax. US is selling the UK 26 predator spy drones. Obama is urging Trump to stand up to Russia. Obama might be appointing Sen. Cotton as Secretary of Defense, he is a neocon. After the elections Obama asks congress for 11.6 Billions dollars for war in the Middle East. Documents reveal the IS was told not to shoot at US and coalition planes. When there was a cyber attack 66% of organizations will not recover.

mark jones
we will become allies with Russia.and defeat Isis.the only ones pushing war with Russia are the world banks who are funding Isis .see through the binders and you will see the world banks are the ones who start the wars and fund the wars on all sides in the name of greed.wake up worldwide is coming.we need to defy the calls of war .we can build a better world together.

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Dave’s Bio: I am 49 years old and I have children. I lived in NY and I was there for 911 and the North East blackout. I lost my job in 2008 and was laid off. Since 2008 I have been prepping. My wife, kids and I try to eat organic and we try to avoid all chemicals in foods. We make our own bread, food and pizza from scratch. I have a technology background and have worked for large financial institutions. My main job was securing the systems from viruses and hackers and maintaining the trading systems so the money flowed from system to system. I have tried talking to friends and relatives about what was going on but every time I talked about the government, FED and the economic collapse they looked at me like I was crazy. I decided to start a website and broadcast to the world what was going on. I didn’t really think that anyone would really listen to what I was saying when I started it was just a way to get the word out and get it off my chest. I realized as the cost of everything continually increases it is getting harder and harder to live the life of my parents and grandparents. I realized if we all don’t do something our children will not have the opportunities and freedoms the way the founding fathers envisioned.