James Rickards: End Game for the Global Economy (Video)

James Rickards: End Game for the Global Economy (Video)

On Mises Weekends this week, James Rickards joins Jeff to discuss The Road to Ruin, his latest book outlining what financial elites have planned for the next financial crisis. Rickards highlights a number of policy tools governments and central bankers have created for themselves, and points to their handling of recent crises in Cypress and Greece bail-in approach as patterns for the rest of the world.

But, with the Federal Reserve and their peers around the world still unable to normalize their balance sheets following 2008, the real question is: “who is going to bail out the central banks?” Jeff and Jim discuss the answer to that question—and how people can protect themselves—in an interview you won’t want to miss.

Matthew Learn
If the Fed and their ilk don’t see this coming, as per your argument, James, how do you make a conflicting argument that they have and are currently setting up the infrustructure to deal with the coming crisis?
If they don’t see it coming, why have they created Ice-9?
Additionally how do they not see it coming, but Fabulous Fab from Goldman saw 2008 coming when he sent emails to his girlfriend in 2007 saying subprime was going to s**t?

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