Heart Attacks and Cardiac Problems in Grid-Down Disaster

Heart Attacks and Cardiac Problems in Grid-Down Disaster

What should we do to prevent heart attacks now? What elevates a person’s risk for heart disease and cardiac problems in general? What are the helpful herbs to keep on hand in case we run out of our conventional medications?

Don Jones
Being someone who just had their first heart attack about a month ago, I can say a very hearty amen to every thing you said in this video. And, I will order the Hawthorne and Cayenne right away. Wondered what I would do if the EMT had not got to me in time. Having this will be a good back up. Also changed heart doctors as well. The one I had made no effort to help me if I had a another attack so a friend who is a nurse said every thing you did and told me to find a doctor who was interested in keeping me live. Any way if I could give out stars this was a five star plus show. Thanks

raw fruits and veggies..eat fruits separate from veggies at least an hour apart. Apple Cider Vinegar, turmeric powder w/blk pepper, cinnamon with lemon drink…helps keep the BP in check. Magnesium key mineral for heart and whole body with D3 and K2. Tsp of Diatomaceous Earth in water twice a day, good source of silica and cleansing. Less red meat the better (robs body of oxy and lowers ph). 5 Tibetan Rites exercises, can be done anywhere…one way to work the lymphatic system (human sewer system) and oxygenates the blood…very important in ref to this vid 4 stamina, heart and oxygen. Black seed oil. Lots more, but good start. Great vid and important points. thank you. semper fi

Johneric Patrick
red yeast rice
fish oil
natto k
and most importantly

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