Earthquake Watch, High Electron Energy (Video)

Earthquake Watch, High Electron Energy (Video)

Michael Montefusco
I agree the prediction app has great potential, and thanks for the hard work. Have you heard of the Amazon Warrior, a large “research vessel” registered with Panama. It was photographed off shore in the watch zone directly over the fault. It is allegedly a “seismic blasting ship”, capable of triggering earthquakes and/or tsunamis. Any thoughts on the matter? Could global climate chaos being pushed to achieve a political end? They knew that region could pop off as did you, and could have taken advantage of such conditions. Plausible… check it out…

Your daily update regarding space weather and how it impacts our planet. Solar flares, sun spots, gamma burst and solar radiation wreak havoc on our planet everyday. Most days it’s not a big deal, unless you think earthquakes, tidal flooding and tsunami’s are not a big deal. Oh yeah, let’s not forget volcanos erupting. All of these natural disasters are seeded in space weather. Ben does a great job of keeping us all informed and what to look out for seven days a week. Weather never sleeps and the solar winds could blow anything to our shores in a moments notice.

Billy R
Isn’t that similar to the OLR except you stated it went out in all directions. Makes me Think it has to be somehow related to heat and our earths magnetic fields at first glance. I went and read the abstract on that paper and they stated it did not seem that our magnetosphere would drive to those speeds so is it possibly like the Berklin currents possibly? oh well some good bubble gum to chew on and thought on that one. Have a Great Day Sir Ben and S0s.

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