Can California Actually Secede From The U.S.? (Video)

Can California Actually Secede From The U.S.? (Video)

Snowy Pantha
Dumbass. Accept Donald Trump, he is your President. The Republicans didn’t cry like slaves when they lost the elections in 2008 and in 2012. The Republicans didn’t f***ing burn Cop cars, block highways, oh yeah the highways, keep on stopping the traffic, but don’t come crying if some truck runs over you. Jesus how can somebody can be that endoctrined by media, you don’t think by yourselves, you think what the media tells you to think. That’s called propaganda. So stop f***ing crying idiots, D Trump is your President, elected by the people of the USA.

Christian Perez
Snowy Pantha actually more people voted for Hillary but the way our electoral college works (its complicated) got trump in office. now I don’t see eye to eye with trump and his supporters but I’m not gonna “cry” about it anyway I just hope for the best on behalf of the American people and others across the globe. oh, and the Republicans actually did obstruct the democrats while obama was President they’ve done that for years. that means they block proposals from dems. not only that they caused issues with the supreme Court as well.

Black Crux
+Snowy Pantha More people voted for Clinton, she won the popular vote. So it’s more like, elected be the electoral college of the USA.And do you even understand why people are protesting Donald Trump? Or are you just going to keep running with the narrative, that they’re all just salty Libs and Dems. When the president elect himself says that he wants to bring back the 60’s and that we need more authoritarian power in this country, yeah i’d be pissed too. And that’s not just some shit that the media has spun into a propaganda piece. That come’s directly from him and that’s something that we don’t need and we don’t want.

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