The Best Decision Donald Trump Has Taken As President (Video)

The Best Decision Donald Trump Has Taken As President (Video)

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about Presidents Elect Donald Trump’s most important cabinet pick for national security advisor and its global implications. While the E.U NATO and U.K panic with the new U.S president many people are speculating if Trump will be able to Make America Great Again.

Greg Collins
So I get the Trump Make America Great concept – he’s a perfectionist and has accomplished great things and has an organization of great people and wants to translate this to the rest of the country. But what is he gonna do when confronted with all the decrepit, incompetent, dumbed down people this culture has generated over the last few generations? Surrounding yourself with the cream of the crop and being super successful is one thing, but good luck with the rest of us (them?). The last election hinged on the 47% that were dependent on their gov. check. Just fire all the dummies? The Dem’s want to coddle all the masses and we just can’t afford that anymore. But they is going to be rioting when the freebies are taken away. Good luck trying to raise a lot of these people up to performing excellence by Donald’s standards. May you live in interesting times…..

Give Trump a chance!!, he’s not even in office yet!. In life (real life) we must sometimes use people that are not to our suiting): Now Ted Cruz is being considered for Trump’s cabinet, well why not?, Cruz has the talent, he’s been in government and knows the ropes. I think we need to look at the big picture?.

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