Walking Dead SHTF Lessons: Inventory

Walking Dead SHTF Lessons: Inventory

I’m going to start a weekly series discussing lessons (or things applicable to real world prepping) that we can derive from the show. In this first installment I discuss the importance of having an inventory of your preps but keeping that tally hidden.

Totally agree….don’t put all your eggs in one basket….I remember hearing different stories about ppl with BOB’s having all there best gear in their cars…(thousands of dollars of equipment) and once they are satisfied, they become complacent, and there vehicle gets broken in, and there gear is all stolen , in one shot…

Another thing is to have things encoded, like if you have a written inventory write it out in a code that your group knows how to read. Say if you live in an area where Russian or Greek is highly unlikely being spoken or written teach other members of your group how to read, write and maybe speak that language to have a secure form of communications between each other. Case in point – the Hopi language used in WWII against the Japanese.

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