Foreign Central Banks Are Dumping US Treasuries At An Alarming Rate (Video)

Foreign Central Banks Are Dumping US Treasuries At An Alarming Rate

Initial jobless claims are at all time lows even though more and more people are being laid off. Wells Fargo account opening are way down. Housing starts surge at mortgage apps decline. The housing bubble is getting ready to pop. Australia drops the TTIP and move to Chin’a free trade deal. Trump must shutdown the Federal Rerserve to end the control of a foriegn corporation. Foreign central banks are dumping Treasuries at an alarming rate.

John Miranda1 hour ago
The US is about to implement a police state to keep up with the Joneses, China and Russia.

FEMA camps will provide competitive labor rates to Chinese goods. In case nobody noticed, the tipping point of the balance of economic power passed about a month ago when the US lost Syria to Russia and the neocon plan for Middle Eastern domination got derailed.

Not to mention Europe rejecting TTP and TTIP.

Central bankers are like wounded animals in a corner. Trump is no match for them.m, i.e. he will not have the power much less the skill to throw off the yoke of the central banker jackals and issue state backed currency. That said, it’s going to be a VERY long painful downhill slide for the US to slide completely down to banana republic status, but that’s the one downside risk of making currency out of thin air.

You are correct. The fan is about to get hit, bigtime, seriously bigtime.

Problem is: nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, except maybe China, and that’s probably not a very good option for asylum these days.

Oy my Vey!!

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