Mornings with “V” – The New Silk Road & Trump (Video)

Mornings with “V” – The New Silk Road & Trump (Video)

Penelope Dropped
New Zealand about to get a crash course on the One Belt One Road and the AIIB (thank xst we are members!). The horrible realisation will dawn that the insurers are insolvent and will not be rebuilding the carnage from our 7.8 quake we had on Sunday. Word to the elite, the safe haven is munted! Defence Force headquarters damaged, Govt Treasury building damaged, GCSB building damaged (that is the 5 Eyes spy network we are a part of). Lucky I am not a tinfoiler or I would blame Kohn Kerrys visit to NZ on quake day on his way back from Antartica. The flashes of blue and green light during the quake added to the man made feel but apparently is electrical release from shearing rock in the earth. Our State Highway 1 is written off in the South Island. Bring on the rail here! Google the shots of the railway track thrown onto the mounted highway by the quakes…….onward!

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