Massive Fraud 8,000 Tons of Paper Gold Dumped on Market: Rob Kirby

Globalists Will Crash Markets and Blame it on Trump Massive Fraud 8,000 Tons of Paper Gold Dumped on Market: Rob Kirby

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby explains the violent moves in the markets by saying, “We really do not have markets anymore. We have interventions, and we have massive fraud committed on a daily basis in what we call our capital markets. Our capital markets have become nothing more than a crime scene.”

Look no further than the gold market on election night. The stock market was 800 points down in the red, and gold was way up in the black.  All that reversed in a matter of a few days.  How did the powers pull off a stunning reversal, especially with the skyrocketing price of gold?  Kirby says, “It was roughly 8,000 metric tons from late election night through Friday.  It’s up in the area of three years of global production in the paper markets in the space of three days.”

Who has 8,000 tons of physical gold for sale? Kirby, who buys gold by the ton for his clients, says, “It is not for sale anywhere.  If someone actually had 8,000 tons of gold to sell, I would suggest to you that if it was transparent, there are very serious players in the world that would actually pay a premium for it. . . . It’s a staggering amount, and the old saying goes if something is too good to be true, it isn’t true.  It is too big of a story to believe that there exists 8,000 tons of gold to sell because there clearly isn’t.”

Does that mean a crash has been avoided? No, and Kirby goes on to explain, “The globalist operators have infested both the mainline DNC (Democrat) and RNC (Republican).  They are infested with globalists.  The central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve, is the backbone of the globalist system.  The globalists are acting in crisis mode right now.  So, paying heed to the notion of never letting a good crisis go to waste, it wouldn’t shock me at all for what the globalists have in store for us.  They have contempt for humanity, and they would let the markets absolutely sewer the minute Donald Trump is sworn in, if he lives that long.  That’s where I think we are headed, and the plans may be hastened.”

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