Greece Riots Over Obama Assad Alliance Polio Virus Bird Flu

Greece Riots Over Obama Assad Alliance Polio Virus Bird Flu

Obama sure has a nerve coming to our country and trying to make us view globalism and US as benevolent entities while at the same time he and Hillary Clinton both went out of their way to force Tsipras to not follow the people’s demand when the referendum results were released last year. He wanted to make sure that we would not exit the EU because he know exactly how horriblie it is and how it serves all of Germany’s interests while sending all the problems to southern countries like, Greece Spain and Italy. He is an obvious puppet and i will be very glad to see him replace by Donald, though considering the perfidiousness of the US throughout history i am doubtful about his intentions as well.

Honest working Greeks despise communism. The only ones that are pro-communism are brain washed youths. We have a Jewish president who hides his real name, and we have been subjected to corruption and gradual demoralization of the Greek folk since the 70s, after the MOSSAD organized termination of a “fascist” temporary dictatorship (which was meant to be turned back into a democracy 2 months before the elites put him out of power in November 17 1974 using a false revolt) which developed pretty much all infastructure in Greece and turned Greece into an independent economical power for a brief period. Anyone who does not support communism is a patriot is labeled a “fascist”, while the zionist puppet humiliates the Greek people. Commies are trying to take credit for the heroic resistance the Greeks showed against the Axis powers during WW2 that caused the failure of the invasion of Russia, while they started a civil war right after ww2 ended, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the name of communism.

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