George Soros Funding “Paid Protesters”, Staged Chaos FULLY EXPOSED!

George Soros Funding “Paid Protesters”, Staged Chaos FULLY EXPOSED!

The recent release by DCLeaks of hacked emails from billionaire financier George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) paints a picture of a man with little regard for the sovereignty of nations, and a man who actively promotes open borders as a means to manipulate political scenes the world over, like a kid playing a game of Risk. With Europe struggling with the migration crisis, Soros’ foundations have sensed opportunities to “shape conversations about rethinking migration governance.” Soros himself wants to make it easier to admit migrants into Europe. In fact, he has encouraged the EU to admit at least 300,000 migrants annually and called for allocating at least 30 billion euros a year to the asylum plan. And now he is caught again, funding the chaos taking place within the United States.

From the examples below and in the video, you can see the full circle paper trail from Soros to the Paid Protesters in the Streets!

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It’s amazing how there are so many brainwashed people still who believe the media and don’t see through the lies. I mean the propaganda has become so in your face-obvious there is no excuse anymore if someone is still buying into the lies. Soros is clearly working with the media and Clinton to do this. Wikileaks 39 already shows the Soros connection to the Clinton’s. What Soros is doing now he did in Ukraine (which he openly admitted to doing). He is using optical middlemen groups to shuttle the funds around to pay protestors and organizers to do these things. In Ukraine he said he set up multiple “open society foundations” to interfere with Russian-Ukrainian relationships and cause the uprising in Ukraine years ago. He even admitted in a recent Bloomberg interview, “we are a small group of radicals doing this.”

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