A Century of War, Part 1: Prometheus’ Gift

A Century of War, Part 1: Prometheus’ Gift

On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Sean Stone premiers his brand new documentary, “A Century of War.” Interviews with Thom Hartmann, William Engdahl, Ramez Naam, and Michael Hudson among others take us through the first stages of a century of war in America: endless war, the decline of the America middle class, and a total reliance on fossil fuels.

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Sean, nice to see you and a good subject matter,
All that empty real estate and people sleeping and living on the streets Just piss poor mentality! One that causes human degradation and violence! This country needs goals!

great show thank you. I see this happening in Britain too. I went for a job yesterday and was told it was Monday to Friday at mimum wage and that I got the job. I had to turn up this morning for a 2 hour induction. They changed the rules when I did the induction. It’s now Thursday to Monday same pay. yes I let rip big time . They do not have a nice welcoming reception. picked on wrong guy I think. I beg for nothing.

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