Did you vote to #DrainTheSwamp? Take the #TrumpPledge! (Video)

Did you vote to #DrainTheSwamp? Take the #TrumpPledge!

Do you have the sinking feeling that Trump may start backing off his promises now that he’s in power. Is there the niggling doubt that the banksters, criminals and party insiders he’s surrounding himself with may not follow through on that draining of the swamp? Never fear! You can show you’re a person of integrity by taking the #TrumpPledge.

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Joh Ell
Some recent examples of cognitive dissonance:
9/11 Truth\Rudy Giuliani is a trusted advisor
NSA is Big Brother\We need more ways to keep an eye on those “Muslims”
Shall Not Be Infringed\No Fly No Buy is OK
Lock Her Up\We owe her a debt of gratitude
Torture is wrong\Torture is an effective tool we just haven’t used hard enough

Frank Harris
Ten of our brain powers combines dont even begin to scratch the surface of how deep trump thinks 10 steps ahead, , , HE IS IN THE GAMBLING BUSINESS, he calls peoples bluffs for a living his whole life , , , now dont you think that he may just be applying what he does best to the most important career of his 70 years of being on this planet now to strategies to out wit, out maneuver with that big brain of his ? Talk to me 6 months from now about how his plans are unrolling , not 6 days after winning the election, come on now.

Richard sellers
So what should he be doing creating an atmosphere of hate why wouldn’t he say these kind of things since the libtards are doing all they can to create division in what he says, if he talks no hate the MSM will absolutely crumble that is all they have now is hate, These demoncraps in the media will just wilt and rot away. Let’s just wait until he takes office then bring this out again and then it won’t be conjecture. So you stay in Japan and just keep this divisive crap to yourself.

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