A Trump Victory | The Long Game (Video)

A Trump Victory | The Long Game

Very true Blonde. I’m not going to make nice. The left hates us. Hollywood thinks we are stupid plebs and the msm is, well you know. I will never trust any of them. We have to boycott Hollywood actors who bashed Trump, Comedians and musicians as well. Boycott the Super Bowl bcuz of lady Gaga. Tweet if you have Twitter and tag them. This is how we let them know that Trump supporters are NOT playing. It’s a glorious time, I agree but we can’t let our guards down.

Jeremy Cush
Apple Inc were and still are huge Hillary supporters as they are worried about having to pay taxes , something they try to fiddle all the time , just look at how they funnel their money in Europe , sadly even though apple would never use us workers to build its products the us will still keep on buying their products , the price you pay for their products you would think everything was made on its home country , I sadly can’t see trump beating apple into making all their products in the USA as cheap workers and huge profits per item will keep that chance only a dream.

John Sheliak
This is NOT the left of the 60s, Vietnam war era; but a poorly informed, whining, entitled, and ideologically driven pack with a neoliberal ideological agenda. If it were the left of the 60s, the Clintons, Bushes, and Obamas would have been history long ago.. Where were these people when Obama was killing millions, destroying high functioning secular cultures like Libya and Syria, expanding the surveillance/security state, prosecuting whistle-blowers, executing endless savage war and destruction, etc., etc.,???? Now their in the streets based on what facts?? Appears to me to be nothing more than neoliberal ideology..

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