Shadow Government Might Be Planning Something Bigger Than Protests

Shadow Government Might Be Planning Something Bigger Than Protests

Trump has his first interview and says that he is going to keep his promises, but the people should watch his actions not his words. Protests are happening all around the country, but we now have found out that these protests are professionals employed by Soros a friend of Clinton. Video of buses bringing in the professional protestors. The shadow government is continually trying to divide America, the people, they want chaos, they want martial law. Obama cancels a long tradition have having his photo taken with Trump as the old President leaves and the new President arrives into the White House.Protests in Spain for indepence. Syrian army hits weapon factory that the US terrorists groups used. Trump wants to stop the funding of moderate rebels. Ashton Carter says the plans to fight the terrorists are a secret. Putin calls Trump to discuss Syria.

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We need civil unrest, It’s the only thing that works. Shut down commerce and the money grubbers start to listen.

RebelAgainst TheEstblishment
No. we need complete civil disobedience not unrest, down tools and stop working, the whole world needs to stop participating in this game of slavery. not enough will do it though sadly.. rioting destroys things, and who pays for the things to be put back up? you the taxpayer… blow a bridge up people make money from putting it back up again.. rioting actually helps the money grabbing bastards make more of it.. downing tools = no energy being used to help them.

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Dave’s Bio: I am 49 years old and I have children. I lived in NY and I was there for 911 and the North East blackout. I lost my job in 2008 and was laid off. Since 2008 I have been prepping. My wife, kids and I try to eat organic and we try to avoid all chemicals in foods. We make our own bread, food and pizza from scratch. I have a technology background and have worked for large financial institutions. My main job was securing the systems from viruses and hackers and maintaining the trading systems so the money flowed from system to system. I have tried talking to friends and relatives about what was going on but every time I talked about the government, FED and the economic collapse they looked at me like I was crazy. I decided to start a website and broadcast to the world what was going on. I didn’t really think that anyone would really listen to what I was saying when I started it was just a way to get the word out and get it off my chest. I realized as the cost of everything continually increases it is getting harder and harder to live the life of my parents and grandparents. I realized if we all don’t do something our children will not have the opportunities and freedoms the way the founding fathers envisioned.