Obama Continues To Send Tanks and Troops To Russian Border (Video)

Obama Continues To Send Tanks and Troops To Russian Border

Obama continues to send Tanks and troops to Russia’s border totally ignoring President Elect Donald Trump’s desire to deescalate the tensions with Russia in Europe. NATO members in Europe are concerned that Trump will pull out leaving them all alone to face Russia, but the question must be asked if Russia is really a threat or just hype by EU members. In other News Israel is on a new quest to find Biblical fragments from the Qumran community.

Sharon Staggs
if he can not get Trump supporters and Hillary supporters rioting and fighting against each other he will pick a fight with Russia to declare martial law there is no end to that man’s ambition he is pure evil!

George Carter
I’m going to tell u right now: I have been watching the British and they are a bunch of arrogant, psychopathic idiots. Warmongering fools. U don’t put missiles on the border of a country that has 1 nuclear bomb with the power of 100,000,000,000 lbs.of TNT. Thats just 1 BOMB! It is arrogant psychosis. From reports I’ve seen it was british missiles that killed those 62 Syrian soldiers. They did it on purpose to break the ceasefire. They are another country who are gonna get exactly what they’re asking for if they keep it up.

Video Source – Israeli News Live

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