Harley Schlanger LaRouche PAC Global Update

Harley Schlanger LaRouche PAC Global Update by V, Guerrilla Economist

I think it is a clear statement about the present strategic conjuncture, and needs to get out as widely as possible.  Now is the time to pull together the anti-Wall Street majority in this nation, to get Glass Steagall implemented (before the globalists pull the plug on key institutions, provoking a banking collapse to “contain” Trump), and bring the U.S. into cooperation with the New Silk Road, rather than being the main threat to its success.

Obama Has Been Dumped: Restoring Relations with Russia Is Now Key

Nov. 13 (EIRNS)—The opening of negotiation and potential collaboration among Russian President Putin, incoming U.S. President-elect Trump, and China’s President Xi is now the sine qua non to take the world away from the brink of world war, and thus allow economic revival especially in the United States and Europe.

No one—neither Trump, nor any other nation or major party, should be negotiating with Barack Obama. Obama is finished; his TPP and TTIP “trade deals” are finished; his “Assad must go” promotion of jihadis to take over Syria is finished; his attempted “pivot to Asia” to defeat China, is finished. So too, is his long defense of Wall Street from the ire of the American people.

Paradoxically, despite much hysteria among prominent liberals, the hope that Wall Street can be broken up and its power over American political life broken, is stronger now than it has been for many years. Restoring the Glass-Steagall Act is the first instrument and goal of that hope, but the potential is to restore the whole of lost American productivity, lost productive employment and living standard, broken economic infrastructure, and lost hope for the future.

This is the November-December mobilization of LaRouche PAC which is underway, for Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four Laws” to save the United States economy and people.

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