German police carry out nationwide raids against Islamists

German police carry out nationwide raids against Islamists

German police have carried out a large-scale operation targeting Islamists across ten German federal states, the country’s Interior Ministry reported on Tuesday. The raids took place in 60 cities, including capital Berlin

Are there any Germans left in Germany ? Thought there were only Islamists.

Steve Arnolds
+club4ghz: When I’m in the big cities, this seems true to me, but in the rural regions the people are still nearly 90-98% German. However, with the way things have been going recently, the Germans will be replaced by a mass of muslims of Turk/Arabic background and the country will go to hell. I hope that the ruling “elites” will come to their senses and stop the genocide they have been practicing lately.

Jon Stark
Have to agree sadly. We Germans are a lost cause, that is why you must save us from our own stupidity. All of Europe waits for the next elections now. If France, Netherlands, Austria and so on elect conservative, anti-immigration and nationalist parties, the German government will give in, because they won’t sacrifice their precious EU for Islam and refugees. At least I hope they will have that much sanity left.

blooneyful33 minutes ago
These raids should have never been necessary in the first place. A world wide revolution is happening, people in Europe and America are taking there lands back from liberals and their destructive allowances and policies. With Germany finally waking up, Trump being elected, and Brexit, it is obvious that the people of this World are not taking it anymore.

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