Stefan Molyneux comments on the ongoing battle between facts and feelings in civil discourse and intellectual debate.

Dillon Linebarrier
I had this conversation with a Liberal woman last night and they UNDERSTOOD IT! Bless you Stefan for helping to give me the tools to present the views I’ve had and continue to develop! YOU ARE A GEM!

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PERPETUAL SNOWFLAKE(S) of the MILLENNIAL GENERATION (or “Y” generation?) who “THINKS” that in order to avoid hurting each other’s feelings, to these SNOWFLAKE(S) everyone should feel like a winner and get a TROPHY ?. A SNOWFLAKE(S) who has not learned that REAL LIFE is about either winning or losing. SNOWFLAKE(S) are overprivileged individual who has a hard time NOT getting their way. SNOWFLAKE(S) usually calls themselves “progressives” but they are observed to throws TANTRUMS and use PROFANITIES with ARROGANCE when others disagree them. SNOWFLAKE(S) often accuse others of racism or intolerance, but don’t judge themselves under THE SAME CRITERIA. SNOWFLAKE(S) want to reap excellent monetary benefits while putting little effort or time into their professions.

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