Brexit, Trump… Texit?

Brexit, Trump… Texit?

In this video, Rachel Blevins interviews Daniel Miller, the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, and discusses the likelihood of Texas seceding from the United States, given the context of the successful Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s election.

yeah this is retarded and not gonna happen. news flash they been trying to do this forever. And guess what they are not the only state that gets these petitions signed . Oregon is one of them and its always the same thing. it goes to the state legislator where they look at it then laugh and wipe their ass with it.

I am sick of this attitude from Texans that think they are something special…. guess what Texans everyone does things differently it isn’t just you twats. but hey I hope you all do leave because our obesity rate would be cut in half. and if cali left also fuuuck we would be golden.

Unraveling Jenna
I’m in Texas, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We do not yet have the resources to stand on our own. When we do, I will happily support that movement.

Jason Tomlinson
I am a Texan and I have been hearing about Texas seceding all my life. I honestly don’t think it will happen, especially if Trump follows up on his plan to make our country great again. I think that what’s got everyone so tense right now is all the corruption in the federal government. Drain the swamp and be done with it.

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